Spicy or sweet?

Why not both?

If you’ve seen me you will know I’m aesthetically different to the mainstream “porn performer” and WebCam model. I am your girl next door, the one you know has a naughty side when she lets her hair down.

I love to crack a joke and have an endless list of sexual innuendos…don’t believe me? I have the art form down pat (check out my Insta!)

No matter how much I pout for the camera I love to be approachable and friendly above all else. Sweet is the new sexy. And you can definitely have the best of both worlds if you know how to handle the heat!

I’m your all-round Aussie babe with red hair and one might say “natural beauty”. So pleased to be part of an industry that reflects all walks of life and welcomes them as they are, and celebrates their unique and wonderful talents!

I know what it is like to be different, and that is why when we connect. Imagine a moment where the outside world doesn’t matter. I’m here to show you a good time. Say goodnight to your job, to your responsibilities and to your frustrations because when you open the door to Nova Nation that all fades away.

Get to Know Me!

  • Age: 27
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Likes: Picnics in the park, cosy nights in, rooftop bars, and eating a very good falafel.
  • Job: Adult Entertainer Extraordinaire
  • Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I got nude in the bar bathroom and took pics for my date. I went back to the table, slipped my panties in their hand, and showed them the photos.
  • Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: I noticed some construction workers through my window, so I got their attention by giving them a hot show! Now they wait at my window for the next of my exhibitionist adventures.
  • Favourite Body Part: My delicious curvy ass and strong thighs.
  • Why Your Favorite?: I love to hypnotize through rhythmic gyrations of my booty. Also so fun to squish!
  • Biggest Fantasy: I’d love for someone to take control of the remote of my vibrating panties when out in public.

The Star You Want Me To Be…

Below are all of the awards I have been put up for a nomination. I am so grateful for the fact that you recognised that the below is exactly where I’m headed! Next stop…let’s nab some Badges of Honour and make it official!

AAIA- 2021 nominee

  • Best Business Leadership 2021
  • Best Female Online Content Creator 2021
  • Best Female Porn Star 2021
  • Best Female Stripper 2021
  • Best Social Media Engagement 2021
  • Industry Ambassador 2021

Where You Can Find Me!

  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pornhub, Onlyfans, Fansly, JustForFans
  • Live Streaming
  • Collaboration with other creators/performers
  • Strip club features
  • Award nominations (AAIA)
  • Professional porn studio work
  • Sponsored promotion for other sites/products

Come Join The Fun

For my gentlemen who want a bit of a tease, and to connect with us gals. Head over to Nova Cam! You won’t be disappointed.

Photo Gallery

These are some of my favourite photos taken in 2020 and 2021

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